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The historic beach on which Vasco-da-Gama landed in 1498 A.D., with 170 men in three vessels. The rock-studded beach is locally known as Kappakadavu and has a sprawling rock that protrudes into the sea. The temple on the rock is believed to be 800 years old.

Pazhassirajah Museum

The Pazhassirajah Museum, run by the State Archaeological Department is located at East Hill , Calicut, displays ancient mural paintings, antique bronzes and old coins as well as models of temples, megalithic monuments like dolmonoid cysts and the umbrella stones. The Art Gallery adjacent to the museum exhibits an excellent collection of paintings by Raja Ravi Varma and Raja Raja Varma.


Kallai, was once the second largest timber-trading centre in Asia.


Beypore is a famous shipbuilding centre famed for building Urus – the Arabian trading vessels. The small coastal town is still a favourite destination among the Arabs shopping for the large boats.


Badagara is 62 km from Calicut and is a commercial centre of martial arts, Kalaripayattu. Badagara, is also the birthplace of Tacholi Othenan, whose heroic deeds have been immortalized in the ballads of North Malabar.


Thusharagiri in Wayanad is 64 km from Calicut and has three waterfalls in the backdrop of lush green forest. Plantations of rubber, areca nut, coconut, pepper, ginger, and spices of all sort line the way here and also provides exciting adventures for young and old alike. Best season to visit is from October to March.


The Kakkayam dam site is of unique beauty and has abundant wild life. Situated 59 km from Calicut, there are challenging trekking and rock climbing through a river path

The Backwaters of Kozhikode

Unexplored, unspoiled, the backwaters of Kozhikode has captivated the hearts of many a tourist. Enjoy the backwaters with a soothing ride on a Kerala house boat.


Situated 74 km from Calicut, Peruvannamuzhi has spectacular beauty. There is a crocodile farm run by the forest Department close to the reservoir.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

 Kadalundi, with its beautiful bird sanctuary is a charming site for bird watching.The bird sanctuary is a haven for migratory birds. Terns, Gulls, Herons, Sand pipers and other such migratory birds flock from the month of November and returns only by the end of April. The ideal season to visit is from December to April in the early hours of the day.


The Muchunthi Mosque at Kuttichira has stone inscriptions which reveal an interesting aspect in the history of the Zamorins of Kozhikode and their patronage of Islam in Kerala. The Architecture of this and other old Mosques in Kozhikode has decorative features like floral carvings and geometric designs.

Mishkal Masjid Kuttichira

The Mishkal Masjid at Kuttichira is one of the oldest mosques in the city. The mosque is a four storied structure supported by wooden pillars and is a fine example of architecture. Even though in 1510 the Portuguese burnt down some parts of it, charred portions are still preserved.

Sarovaram Bio-park

Sarovaram, is an eco-friendly bio-park in Kozhikode meant for conservation of the wetlands through eco-friendly tourism. The wetlands are rich with 7 mangrove spices, 29 mangrove associates and fauna ranging from protozoa to Otter. It is also a congenial habitat for 30 types of water birds.


Picturesque Wayanad is 64 kms away from Calicut. With hills covered with tropical rainforests, serene locations, extensive stretch of plantations of tea, coffee, cardamom, pepper, hutments, wildlife sanctuaries, trekking trails… Wayanad is sure to capture your heart.

Churches, Temples & Mosques

Mother of God Cathedral… CSI Church… Tali Temple… Jain Temple… Parsee Temple… Kuttichira Mosque… Muchundi Palli…